Adobe Connect Essential Training

with Garrick Chow
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Adobe Connect Essential Training
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Learn how to use Adobe Connect to run meetings, connect with learners online, and record standalone presentations. Garrick Chow shows how Connect bridges real-world gaps and helps anyone with an Internet connection link up online. Watch this course and learn how to create new meetings; establish audio connections, whether over the computer or on the phone; open pods to chat, video conference, or share content; share your screen; and make content available for download over Connect. You don't need to have everyone in the same room to have a great meeting; you just need to Connect.

Topics include:
  • Creating meetings, users, and groups
  • Setting up audio
  • Passcode protecting a room
  • Video conferencing
  • Recording and editing meetings
  • Managing participants
  • Sharing your screen
  • Creating break-out rooms
  • Working with the Chat pod
  • Polling your audience
  • Creating courses and curriculum with Connect


Hi I'm Garrick Chow and welcome to Adobe Connect Essential Training. In this course I'll be showing you how to set up and use Connect for online meetings you can hold with others in your company or organization, or just anyone with the web browser and internet connection. I'll start by showing you how to create a new meeting room in Connect and how to establish your basic necessities such as making sure you and your attendees can hear each other either over your computers or via telephone conference system. I'll explain how to open and manage the various pods you will use in your meetings to share content, chat, or even video conference.

We'll looks specifically at activities like sharing a Powerpoint presentation, sharing your screen and providing downloadable content so your attendees can have files to take away from the meeting. I'll also discuss best practices for setting up and managing your meeting rooms to make sure you, your attendees, and other presenters have everything they need to communicate and collaborate within the meeting. We'll be covering all of this and a lot more. So let's get started with Adobe Connect Essential Training.

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