Compressor 4 Essential Training

with Jeff I. Greenberg
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Compressor 4 Essential Training
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Compressor 4 Essential Training streamlines the processes of compressing and encoding media in Final Cut Pro X's companion compression software. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of compression, how to determine appropriate compression settings, and building and modifying encoding presets for a variety of outputs, including Apple and Android devices, DVDs, PowerPoint, and the web. The course also covers placing watermarks, setting destinations, and transcoding files automatically using droplets.

Topics include:
  • Using Compressor with QuickTime and Final Cut Pro X
  • Transcoding to ProRes
  • Understanding encoding
  • Setting markers for DVD and Blu-ray
  • Building an MPEG2 for broadcast
  • Adjusting video footage
  • Creating templates
  • Setting destinations


Hi! I am Jeff Greenberg, and welcome to Compressor 4 Essential Training. In this course, we'll look at how to use and customize Compressor for your needs. We will start by discussing some of the concepts behind transcoding and compression so that you can choose the right settings for your projects. Then we will jump right into compressing your files. We will see how to choose the appropriate presets for, among other formats, Apple and Android devices, DVD and Blu-ray, web distribution, and many more.

I'll also show you how to customize the presets for your unique requirements. In fact, we will look at creating templates and how to streamline your workflow to make Compressor 4 work for you. If you need to compress for anything, from Blu-ray to podcasts, this title is for you, so let's get going with Compressor 4 Essential Training.

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