DVD Studio Pro 4 + Compressor 2 New Features

with Larry Jordan
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DVD Studio Pro 4 + Compressor 2 New Features
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In DVD Studio Pro 4 + Compressor 2 New Features, Apple Certified Trainer Larry Jordan teaches you how to use the new features in the DVD authoring and audio/video compression tools included in Final Cut Studio. DVD Studio Pro 4 and Compressor 2 boast significantly improved interfaces, better compression quality, allow the mixing of multiple formats -- such as standard definition and high definition -- in the same project, support Dolby surround sound integration, and much more. If you are a new user of DVD Studio Pro, we recommend watching the Learning Apple DVD Studio Pro 3 title first.

Topics include:
  • DVD Studio Pro 4 Topics Include: Interface changes and improvements Integration with Motion 2 Creating Menu Loops Round-trip editing with LiveType Real-time HD previews VTS editing and GPRM partitioning Working with markers Compressor 2 Topics Include: Encoding lexicon Audio compression techniques SD and HD Video compression Creating H.264 content Resizing video Bit-budgeting Distributed encoding Final Cut Pro 5 to Compressor workflow Automation and work-arounds
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Q: When I open one of the project files, I get an error message that says "Media Missing in LiveType File." What is causing this error?
A: The error could be caused by a change in LiveType media between version 1 and version 2. The exercise files were created with version 1 and Apple may not have included all the assets with the latest upgrade.
This particular error message means a background texture file is missing. The error can be fixed by opening the file in LiveType and replacing the existing background texture (on the lowest track) with a different texture from the Media Browser > Texture tab panel.
More importantly, the specific texture used is not important, except that the screen images won't match. The operation of the software is the same, regardless of which texture is used.
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