DVD Studio Pro 4 + Compressor 2 New Features

with Larry Jordan
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DVD Studio Pro 4 + Compressor 2 New Features
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In DVD Studio Pro 4 + Compressor 2 New Features, Apple Certified Trainer Larry Jordan teaches you how to use the new features in the DVD authoring and audio/video compression tools included in Final Cut Studio. DVD Studio Pro 4 and Compressor 2 boast significantly improved interfaces, better compression quality, allow the mixing of multiple formats -- such as standard definition and high definition -- in the same project, support Dolby surround sound integration, and much more. If you are a new user of DVD Studio Pro, we recommend watching the Learning Apple DVD Studio Pro 3 title first.

Topics include:
  • DVD Studio Pro 4 Topics Include: Interface changes and improvements Integration with Motion 2 Creating Menu Loops Round-trip editing with LiveType Real-time HD previews VTS editing and GPRM partitioning Working with markers Compressor 2 Topics Include: Encoding lexicon Audio compression techniques SD and HD Video compression Creating H.264 content Resizing video Bit-budgeting Distributed encoding Final Cut Pro 5 to Compressor workflow Automation and work-arounds
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