Color 1.5 New Features

with Robbie Carman
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Color 1.5 New Features
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Color 1.5 New Features shows the power of this upgraded, high-end color-correction and grading tool. Colorist, author, and Apple Certified Trainer Robbie Carman highlights improved workflows and new features of Color 1.5. Robbie covers improvements like updated user interface elements, better Final Cut Pro to Color round-tripping, new grade management features, the ability to work with RED 4K files, and enhanced digital intermediate workflows and conforming.

Topics include:
  • Sending freeze-frames, stills, multi-clips, and speed-adjusted clips to Color
  • Working with new vectorscope and color balance control options
  • Using improved drag-and-drop for corrections and grades
  • Understanding new timeline viewing and navigation shortcuts
  • Working with 4K DPX and 4K RED files
  • Using a Cinema Tools Database to conform a project


(happy music) - Hi. I'm Robbie Carman and welcome to Apple Color 1.5 New Features. With it's introduction a few years ago Color quickly became a powerful force in the world of color correction and grading. Now in version 1.5 Color has improved features and workflow support that continue to make it a valuable tool for high end color grading. In this title we'll explore new features in Color 1.5 and workflow enhancements that will help you. We'll explore major improvements like the ability to work 4K resolution and Apple ProRes 4444.

Protocol for the Color round-tripping has also been dramatically improved. Along the way we'll take a look at interface improvements that make Color 1.5 a solid update to an already powerful application. In this title we've assumed you know the basics of Color. If you'd like to learn Color from the ground up be sure and check out Color Essential Training on the online training library. As a working colorist, author and trainer I'm glad to have this chance to show you how the program has grown. So let's jump into Color 1.5 New Features.

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