Color 1.5 Essential Training

with Robbie Carman
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Color 1.5 Essential Training
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In Color 1.5 Essential Training, colorist Robbie Carman details how to use Final Cut Studio's dedicated color grading application to stylize projects and improve their look. Robbie explains the principles of color grading, discusses the color wheel and tonal range, and decodes color terminology for new users. He shows how to prepare a Final Cut Pro project before sending it to color and how to use video scopes to evaluate a clip while making corrections. He provides information for new Color users as well as experienced colorists looking for what's new in this release. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Round-tripping with Final Cut Pro and Color
  • Ingesting RED footage for color grading
  • Understanding the Color interface and navigating Color's Finder dialogs
  • Performing primary corrections in the Primary In room
  • Applying secondary corrections using HSL keys, vignettes, and curves
  • Using the Color FX room
  • Keyframing corrections in a clip
  • Preparing for rendering and output from Color back to Final Cut Pro


(Music playing) Hi! I am Robbie Carman and welcome to Apple Color 1.5 Essential Training. Color is a powerful desktop color correction and grading tool. This makes it a valuable tool for high-end color grading. In this title, we will explore almost every facet of working with Color. We will explore workflow topics like round tripping with Final Cut Pro, and prepping a sequence for Color. We will look at how each one of rooms in Color works and how they all tie together to make primary, secondary color effects in geometry corrections.

We will learn how to render your grades and send them back to Final Cut Pro. We will even create file suitable for film outputs and along the way we will go over best practices for grading footage as well as learning a little color theory. Whether you are new to Color or have dabbled in the application, if you want to learn to correct and grade your footage, then this title is for you. As a working colorist, author, and trainer I'm glad to have this chance to show you how Color works and share with you my hard one insights into using the application.

So let's jump into Color 1.5 Essential Training.

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Q: I’m having trouble producing the cage as the author instructs in the "Making luma adjustments to specific colors" video. Double-clicking in the preview only changes the size of the preview. How can I make the cage as the author does?
A: Instead of clicking or double-clicking on the preview, perform a click-and-drag to produce the cage. If you select one of the buttons under the preview (the small swatches), then click and drag, you can also sample or "cage" multiple values (different cages) on the preview, which can help you if you're trying to sample multiple colors or luma values for secondary correction.
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