The Creative Spark: Krista Donaldson, Social Innovation Designer

with Krista Donaldson
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The Creative Spark: Krista Donaldson, Social Innovation Designer
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Can great design solve the problems of the developing world? Krista Donaldson, CEO of D-Rev, believes that by combining emerging technology with designs that meet real demands, we can improve the health and prosperity of people living on less than $4 a day. In this Creative Spark, Krista talks about the evolution of her company's most successful products—from LED phototherapy devices that cure jaundice in newborns to affordable, cutting-edge prosthetics. She explains how D-Rev identifies real-world needs, prototypes designs, refines them with user feedback, and solves problems from distribution to ongoing service repair.

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(MUSIC). Krista Donaldson: I believe in being user-obsessed. To create social impact, you have to design for more than the product. If you don't understand distribution, if you don't understand manufacturing, if you do't understand marketing and how the product basically leaves, manufacturing then gets to the end user. This whole system approach, then there's going to be no impact. If you look at the field of design and particularly with medical devices, products are really truly designed for people who have the capacity to pay.

My design philosophy and D-Rev's design philosophy is really that no matter what your income level is, you deserve world class products. Products that are highly functional, that are at high performance. That regardless of what economy your living in, it would be valued. Our hope is that we will impact the industry. That industries will produce higher quality products out of more affordable cost for most of the world who doesn't have access to the great technology and products that can solve these problems. (MUSIC).


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