Monitoring server health

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Monitoring server health

Managing servers can be an exasperating job, especially when they're sitting in a data center thousands of miles away without you really knowing exactly what's happening on the servers. In this video I am going to show you how to set up your ColdFusion server to send alerts directly to the Server Manager, so that you know what's going on with your server as soon as something goes wrong. The first thing we need to do to make this happen is in the ColdFusion Administrator expand the server monitoring section and click on Server Monitor. You'll launch Server Monitor and once there, make sure that Monitoring is turned on.

If this says Start Monitoring, go ahead and click it, so things will start working. Click on the Alert section and then click on Alert Configuration. Now for this test we are going to go over to the Timeout section and we are going to enable Timeout alerts. This is the only box here that's new in ColdFusion 9. Once we check Notify Client, anytime this alert fires, it will let any client that's connected to the server know that there has been a problem. To make it easier to test, let's reduce these numbers to 2 timeouts inside 15 seconds.

Go and click Apply, and in the Chapter 1 folder there is a timeout.cfm file. So I am going to open a new tab and we'll open Chapter1 timeout.cfm. Now this just does some math. It takes too long to finish inside five seconds. We'll run it again. Now it'll give us 2 timeouts inside our 15 second window. If I switch over here to the Server Manager and give it just a second... So you see those pop-ups show up in the bottom right-hand corner that shows us that there was an alert that's been recovered on the server.

In other words had timeouts, it did whatever it needed to do to recover from them, and everything should be back to normal. When you see those alerts, you can go to your server here, right-click, choose View Log File and cfserver.log, and actually see exactly what was going on. If I scroll down here to the bottom, you can see that there was an alert state that was detected or two more requests timed out in 15 seconds. It will tell you which files were causing the problem. With the new Server Monitoring available in the ColdFusion 9 Server Manager, you should be able to rest a little easier during your day-to-day work, now that you know how to get desktop notifications of any problems with your ColdFusion servers in real-time.

Monitoring server health
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Monitoring server health provides you with in-depth training on Developer. Taught by Daniel Short as part of the ColdFusion 9 New Features

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