ColdFusion 9: AJAX Controls and Techniques

with Daniel Short
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ColdFusion 9: AJAX Controls and Techniques
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In ColdFusion 9: AJAX Controls and Techniques, Dan Short demonstrates how to add Web 2.0 style and functionality to applications using the complete set of AJAX controls and workflow tools in ColdFusion 9. Together, this tool set enables developers to build visually compelling, data-rich cross-browser web applications without having to write large amounts of custom JavaScript code. This course covers using ColdFusion layout controls, creating interactive forms and data grids, and adding a map powered by Google Maps. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Manipulating and securing container contents
  • Debugging AJAX behaviors
  • Building UI elements such as accordions and border layouts
  • Using rich prompts with cfmessagebox
  • Understanding advanced cffileupload
  • Sorting and grouping data in grids
  • Binding data to form fields
  • Creating a map with markers
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- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Dan Short and I am pleased to present ColdFusion 9 AJAX Controls and Techniques. In the last few years, AJAX has become a bigger and bigger piece of website design and interaction. Starting with ColdFusion 8 and continuing in ColdFusion 9, Adobe is adding more and more tools to make AJAX development quick and easy for ColdFusion developers. I'll start by showing you how to work with basic AJAX containers in ColdFusion, and show you some tips on how to debug your AJAX behaviors. Then we'll look at some advanced UI controls like CFlayout and CFmessagebox.

Then we'll take a look at binding form controls to your AJAX containers and using complex data grids and trees. And lastly, I'll show you how to call component objects and methods directly through JavaScript using CF AJAX proxy. After you are finished, you will be ready to start adding complex JavaScript UI interaction to your applications in no time. So if you're ready, let's get going with ColdFusion 9 AJAX Controls and Techniques.

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