ColdFusion 8 Beyond the Basics

with David Gassner
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ColdFusion 8 Beyond the Basics
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ColdFusion 8 Beyond the Basics demonstrates how to utilize ColdFusion 8 to its full potential, from setting up a project to using ColdFusion Components and sessions in a shopping cart application. Instructor David Gassner leaves no stone unturned as he teaches advanced techniques, including how to use ColdFusion 8 with Flash forms and PDFs, create presentations with imported audio and video, and work with XML files. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Using the CFEclipse development environment
  • Using advanced data types
  • Building and debugging ColdFusion Components
  • Using the ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse
  • Managing multiple exception types
  • Working with external services
  • Setting up ColdFusion to work with Flash and PDF files
  • Using the AJAX Application wizard
  • Creating presentations with ColdFusion 8
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