Up and Running with Google Cloud Platform (2013)

with Joseph Lowery
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Up and Running with Google Cloud Platform (2013)
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Google Cloud Platform makes the robust infrastructure of Google—including its high-speed network, servers, and software—available on an enterprise level but accessible to the everyday web developer. In this course, author Joseph Lowery introduces each of the service's five products: App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Cloud SQL. Learn the basics of hosting a mobile app with App Engine and see how to analyze massive datasets in seconds with BigQuery. Then explore the benefits of Cloud Storage, including unlimited file storage and fast data retrieval, and learn how to establish a cloud-based private network with Compute Engine. Finally, the course walks through setting up and managing a cloud-based relational database with Cloud SQL.

Topics include:
  • Why Google Cloud Platform?
  • Deploying an app with Google App Engine
  • Activating and working with Google Cloud Storage
  • Loading, querying, and exporting data with BigQuery
  • Working with Cloud Storage buckets
  • Managing cloud-based private networks
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Scheduling backups
  • Working with Google Datastore


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Joe Lowery and I'd like to welcome you to Up and Running with Google Cloud Platform. In this course, we'll explore all that the Google Cloud Platform has to offer. Then, we'll delve into the various interconnected components to show you how to host your web and mobile apps, analyze massive data sets, and store your assets in Google's global network for fast, efficient access. We'll also cover working with the Google compute engine to spin up new virtual machines as needed and manage your data, regardless of the amount, via Google Cloud SQL.

There's a ton of services and options to explore. So let's get going with Up and Running with Google Cloud Platform.

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