Up and Running with Captivate 6

with David Rivers
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Up and Running with Captivate 6
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Adobe Captivate is a program used to create interactive eLearning content and provide custom online training to employees or clients. In this course, author David Rivers walks through the Captivate 6 interface and the process of building an eLearning project from start to finish.

The course shows how to make a presentation from scratch or with built-in themes, import Photoshop images and PowerPoint slides, and add interest with animation, widgets, and video. It also demonstrates how to prepare for and record a software simulation, synchronize video, add audio, and build quizzes into your project.

Topics include:
  • What is eLearning?
  • Choosing a workspace
  • Adding text, shapes, and images to projects
  • Linking in Captivate
  • Inserting interactive elements
  • Using built-in actors
  • Adding voiceover to projects
  • Using different question types on quizzes
  • Scoring tests and quizzes
Education + Elearning


- [Voiceover] Hi, and welcome to Up and Running with Captivate 6. I'm David Rivers. This course is designed to get you acquainted with Version 6 of Adobe Captivate, from creating a project from scratch to adding various types of assets, creating quizzes and publishing your finished project. You'll about changes to the user interface. We'll explore how themes can save you time and get you up and running quickly with the design, look and feel of your project. We'll work with smart shapes and new hyper-linking capabilities.

We'll be using the new characters you now have at your disposal in Captivate 6. There's lots to cover, so let's get started.

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