Captivate Projects: Publishing for Mobile and the Web

with Anastasia McCune
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Captivate Projects: Publishing for Mobile and the Web
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Help your students or employees access elearning anywhere. Learn how to publish Captivate projects that work beautifully on a variety of mobile devices, on the web, or with many of the popular learning management systems (LMSs). Author Anastasia McCune will help you prep and test your responsive and nonresponsive projects before output, including adjusting appearance and settings to make them more suitable for mobile, as a video demo, or even as an app. The last chapter shows you how to target your output for an LMS like Moodle, and bundle multiple projects into a single file with the Multi SCO Packager.

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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Anastasia McCune and welcome to Captivate Projects, Publishing for Mobile and the Web. In this course, I'm going to compare and contrast the different types of projects in Captivate and identify the output options for each. I'll show you and exciting way to test your projects on mobile devices. Then, I'll go over the settings you'll want to configure in your projects and go through the basic steps for publishing. Using that output, I'll also show you how to package up a course for use in an LMS or learning management system, and then upload it into Moodle.

I'll also show you how to take a Captivate project and publish it as an app, like an app you'd put on your phone or your tablet. Captivate projects can be deployed to web, mobile and an LMS. So if you're ready to learn the ins and outs of getting your projects out to the world, let's get started.

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