Captivate Advanced Techniques

with Anastasia McCune
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Captivate Advanced Techniques
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Take your elearning content to the next level by learning advanced Adobe Captivate techniques that increase your efficiency and build more robust courses. Anastasia McCune shows you how to use some of the great time-saving shortcuts in Captivate, create question pools to test your learners, use variables and actions to customize training, record and edit audio and video, set up accessibility options such as closed captioning, and publish for a variety of different delivery platforms.

Topics include:
  • Recording multiple types of projects at once
  • Creating and applying custom styles
  • Using templates and skins
  • Working with master slides
  • Aggregating multiple lessons
  • Creating and populating question pools
  • Capturing and displaying a user's name
  • Using conditional actions to control object visibility and navigation
  • Choosing and configuring interactions
  • Using Text-to-Speech to create voiceovers
  • Recording a video demo
  • Adding accessibility features to projects
Education + Elearning


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Anastasia McCune, and welcome to Captivate Advanced Techniques. This course is all about expanding your toolbox of techniques, while making your work process more efficient. We'll look at some ways to get the best of demonstrations and simulations in separate and combined projects. We'll spend some time looking at the different ways you can customize and save the look and feel of your projects. That way, you don't have to spend time making sure basic formatting is consistent for every new project.

We'll record and edit our own audio, as well as create audio using Text-to-Speech. We'll look at using variables and advanced actions to make your projects react to user input and behavior at a more advanced level. We'll also play with creating video demonstrations, as well as making quizzes that present random questions instead of the same questions over and over. Finally, we'll take a closer look at the publishing options available, as well as plenty of other tools and techniques.

So, let's get started with Captivate Advanced Techniques and make your projects even better than they were before.

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