Adobe Captivate 8 First Look

with Aaron Quigley
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Adobe Captivate 8 First Look
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Adobe Captivate 8 is here, offering better support for mobile devices and new learning interactions. Aaron Quigley offers a first look at Captivate's responsive templates, which intelligently resize your elearning content to fit a variety of screen sizes, including iOS and Android phones, and other mobile-support features, like gestures and geo location data integration. He also covers the new set of learning interactions, like interactive timelines and drag-and-drop elements, which can enrich your courses instantly.

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- [Voiceover] Hello, and welcome to Adobe Captivate 8 First Look. Captivate 8 brings a large number of new features to help make e-learning, software simulations, and mobile learning a breeze. In this course, we'll take a peek at some of these new features, and explore concepts like creating responsive learning environments that will look great on a variety of devices, and adding touch support for mobile learning. We will even take a peek at utilizing geo-location to customize a users experience, based on their GPS coordinates. The intuitive layout and new themes make designing learning for mobile environments a fast process, without ever touching the code.

So whether you're an avid Captivate user, or just discovering Captivate, this course will introduce you to a few of the new features that set Captivate 8 apart from its predecessors. Let's go ahead and dive in to the new Captivate 8.

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