Creating a Show Open in After Effects and CINEMA 4D

with Andy Needham
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Creating a Show Open in After Effects and CINEMA 4D
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Film and television clients want strong openings for their shows. Adding a custom motion-tracked logo to the opening credits can add an extra burst of energy as well as reinforce the themes of the program. In this course, Andy Needham shows how to take existing footage, track it with the CameraTracker plugin for After Effects, and define a ground plane and 3D origin point for your footage. Then you'll bring the scene into CINEMA 4D and use its MoGraph tools to design an animated logo, plus match the lighting with the original background plate. Then learn how to bring it all together with color grading and optical lens effects back in After Effects.

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Topics include:
  • Using CameraTracker to track a shot
  • Solving the camera data

  • Setting a ground plane

  • Importing the logo
  • Animating the logo with the inheritance effector
  • Randomizing particle motion
  • Lighting the scene
  • Compositing in After Effects
After Effects CINEMA 4D CameraTracker


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Andy Needham, and welcome to Creating a Show Open in After Effects and Cinema 4D. In this course, we'll be building an intro animation for a television show, which gives us the opportunity to track 3D camera motion in our footage, export the data out of After Effects, and create a 3D logo animation that matches our tracked footage in Cinema 4D. I'll start by showing you how to track and solve the 3D camera movement in your footage using the Foundries Camera Tracker plug-in. Next, we'll set up the 3D scene in After Effects, identifying essential features like the ground plane and 3D origin point.

We'll bring the scene into Cinema 4D, and design an animated logo for our television show intro, using Mograph tools. We'll also focus on matching the lighting of the background plate. Finally, we'll use multi-past compositing in After Effects to bring the animation into the short and get it nicely polished to match the original footage. We'll be covering all these features, plus plenty of other tools and techniques. Now let's get started with Creating a Show Open in After Effects and Cinema 4D.

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