Up and Running with CakePHP

with Jon Peck
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Up and Running with CakePHP
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Speed up your development with CakePHP, the popular open-source PHP framework. In this course, author Jon Peck builds a magazine cataloging system while explaining how to work with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) development pattern.

The course demonstrates how to install and configure CakePHP, describing the layout and components. Then, leveraging the Bake console, Jon shows how to generate and customize code, and explores form validation, database persistence, and even image uploads. By developing a complete, functional application, you'll have the foundation you need to build your own applications with CakePHP.

Topics include:
  • What is CakePHP?
  • Installing and configuring CakePHP
  • Generating a model with Bake
  • Linking models together
  • Generating a controller
  • Saving a model from the controller
  • Displaying a model with a view
  • Debugging a failed save
  • Using helpers to generate HTML
  • Uploading files and displaying images


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jon Peck, and welcome to Up and Running with CakePHP. In this course, we'll look at CakePHP, the open-source PHP web application framework. I'll start by describing what Cake is and why it's useful, then demonstrate how to install and configure the framework. After that, I'll create models for database tables, add functionality using helpers and plugins, and even generate code using the Cake Bake Console. Throughout the course, we'll create a magazine catalog web application for keeping track of a collection of back issues.

Now, let's get Up and Running with CakePHP.

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