CSS Positioning Best Practices

with Bill Weinman
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CSS Positioning Best Practices
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Web designers and coders will be introduced to techniques to improve their results in CSS Positioning Best Practices. Beginning with a brief review of CSS, instructor Bill Weinman demonstrates how to position elements on a page using CSS instead of tables. He then goes step by step through the process of using CSS positioning to lay out pages that have traditionally been laid out using HTML tables. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding style sheets and levels of inheritance
  • Learning how to use CSS units of measure in page layout
  • Laying out content on a page using absolute, relative, float, and fixed positioning
  • Using CSS positioning to place menus, buttons, graphics, and columns precisely on a page
  • Using templates to improve workflow
  • Creating a full working web site, step by step


(upbeat music) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bill Weinman and welcome to CSS Positioning: Best Practices. In this course, I'll show you how to use CSS Positioning techniques instead of HTML tables to layout a webpage. The first part of this course is a brief review of CSS, so that we have a good starting point. Then we'll discuss the different techniques used to position objects in a webpage using CSS instead of tables. The second part is a case study where we will go through the process of creating a real website using CSS for all the formatting and positioning.

If you're a web designer or a coder working with HTML or XHTML and CSS, either directly or with a WYSIWYG editor, the techniques and practices you'll see in this title will significantly improve your workflow. I've been a working programmer for over 25 years and have been working in the web domain since the web began emerging in the early 90's. I use these techniques and practices in my own work and I'm excited to share these insights with you now. So, let's get started with CSS Positioning: Best Practices.

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