CSS2 Essential Training (2003)

with Christopher Deutsch
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CSS2 Essential Training (2003)
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Whether you're an intranet developer responsible for tens of thousands of pages, or a freelance Web designer operating on the cutting edge of technology, CSS 2 is an important tool for your toolbox. Designed specifically for those who have a clear understanding of HTML, this hands-on training tutorial will teach you how Cascading Style Sheets can be used to achieve a new level of fine-grain control over Web design. Learn how it's possible to easily apply the same consistent look and feel to any number of pages using external style sheets. Learn how to control the layout of your pages down to the pixel, and then specify exactly how the fonts should be rendered. CSS2 Essential Training will even teach you how to create simple rollover effects that don't require any programming.



Hi, My name is Chris Deutsch and welcome to learning CSS2. This course is geared towards people who already know HTML but would like to gain more precise control over the style of the pages. I won't try and teach you every minute detail of CSS, but instead just the most important features that will help you design pages better and more effectively.

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