Online Presentations with reveal.js

with Ray Villalobos
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Online Presentations with reveal.js
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For web designers and developers, tools like PowerPoint and Keynote lack the power that's available to web browsers. Reveal.js allows you to create presentations that use the full power of the web, providing syntax highlighting for code, mobile pinch and swipe support, CSS theming, and the ability to integrate with other libraries and frameworks like jQuery and EaselJS. Explore reveal.js with Ray Villalobos, as he shows how to build slideshows with a text editor and a browser, and incorporate audio and video, animation, and CSS styling.

Topics include:
  • Downloading and installing reveal.js
  • Adding audio and video to your presentation
  • Creating horizontal and vertical slides
  • Using and customizing CSS themes
  • Exporting your presentation to PDF
  • Controlling a presentation with API events
  • Placing Adobe Edge animations inside reveal.js
HTML JavaScript CSS reveal.js


- [Voiceover] Hey there, this is Ray Villalobos, and welcome to Online Presentations with reveal.js. In this course, I'm gonna show you how to work with the reveal.js framework, which lets you create PowerPoint or keynote style presentations using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'll start by showing you how to download, install, and customize the framework, and then get you started quickly, creating a simple presentation with a text editor and a browser. Then, I'll show you how to include audio and video, create vertical slides, and use transitions and fragments in your presentations.

I'll also show you how to customize the look and feel of reveal.js using CSS themes, and how to choose the right syntax highlighting style for your code. I'll show you how to export your presentations to PDF and use external JavaScript libraries like jQuery, to create sortable slide elements. Finally, I'll show you how to incorporate Adobe Edge animations and control them using JavaScript. So let's get started with Online Presentations with reveal.js.

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