HTML5 Projects: Creating Surveys

with Joseph Lowery
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HTML5 Projects: Creating Surveys
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Surveys are a great way to get insights from your audience, but they can often feel like a chore to fill out. This course shows you how to engage your website visitors with a unique 3D survey that plays like a game. Author Joseph Lowery walks through each step of the build process, using advanced HTML5 form elements and CSS transitions, and then shows how to save and display the survey results with local storage. HTML5 technologies covered include HTML5 form elements, HTML5 local storage, CSS3 3D transitions, and advanced JavaScript API.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the HTML layout
  • Creating the form
  • Crafting the initial questions
  • Setting up the CSS transitions
  • Adding navigation
  • Saving and displaying answers with local storage
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- [Voiceover] Hello, Joe Lowery with you to welcome you to HTML5 Projects Creating Surveys. Surveys are great for getting the lay of the land on any given subject. The trick is to get your survey targets to fill out the darn thing. In this course, I'll show you how to use HTML5 and related technologies to create a survey that's engaging, fun to fill out, and stores all the user's answers effortlessly. We'll use CSS3 transitions and transforms to create a survey cube that respondees will love and answer your questions just to see what happens next.

Thanks to the cool tech of local storage, all answers will be automatically stored and will pull out the answers and display to the user to give him or her a chance to change the answers before submitting them. Sound cool? It is. So let's get going with HTML5 Projects Creating Surveys.

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