HTML5 Projects: Creating a Responsive Presentation

with Justin Putney
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HTML5 Projects: Creating a Responsive Presentation
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Follow along with author Justin Putney as he uses open technologies (HTML5, jQuery, and CSS) to create a dynamic presentation slideshow that responds to mobile and desktop layouts. Learn to customize the slideshow to fit your next project, and to display artwork, photography, and other kinds of content.

Discover how to structure the HTML and slide content; design the navigation to react to clicks, keyboard input, and swipe gestures; and use CSS to customize the slide display for different screens and animated transitions. Justin also includes a series of challenge-and-solution pairs to test your skills.

Then, when you're ready, watch the HTML5 Projects: Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation follow-up course to enhance your web presentation slides with audio, video, and an automatic playback feature.

Topics include:
  • Structuring an HTML5 slideshow
  • Creating the default slide appearance
  • Using jQuery to display the current page
  • Adding swipe gestures for mobile
  • Creating a pause screen
  • Translating your ideas into CSS
  • Using media queries to adjust the layout
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Justin Putney and welcome to HTML5 Projects, Creating a Responsive Presentation. This course will show you how to build an HTML5-based presentation from the ground up. First you'll learn how to structure your content for the presentation. You'll then explore how to create navigation by using the keyboard, as well as swipe gestures. And then you'll use CSS to customize the slide display for different screens, as well as to animate slide transitions.

Once you finish the course, you'll have a set of reusable files that you can continue expanding to fit the needs of any project.

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