CSS: Styling Navigation

with James Williamson
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CSS: Styling Navigation
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Join James Williamson, as he shows you how to create elegant menus, links, and buttons that help visitors navigate your site faster and more intuitively. The course covers creating structured navigation that is accessible and clean, styling links, and building horizontal and vertical menus with rollover effects. The last chapter reveals how to create stylish buttons with special effects and CSS sprites.

Topics include:
  • Organizing menus with lists
  • Creating block-level links
  • Styling links, link states, and image links
  • Defining link dimensions
  • Controlling link spacing in a menu
  • Creating rollovers
  • Clearing floats
  • Indicating current pages
  • Controlling cursor states
  • Building dropdown menus
  • Creating CSS-only buttons
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Hi, I'm James Williamson, Senior Author at lynda.com, and I want to welcome you to CSS: Styling Navigation. In this course we're going to explore controlling the presentation of site navigation through CSS. We'll start off by exploring how to properly structure navigation and then move on to establishing solid basic link styling for your site. From there, we'll go on to creating multiple menu types, including pure CSS dropdown menus, and we'll finish up by looking at ways that you can enhance your overall site navigation through CSS.

Fire up your favorite code editor, and let's get started with the CSS: Styling Navigation.

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