Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS Essential Training

with James Williamson
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Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS Essential Training
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Those who are new to CSS, or who want to create more efficient and powerful style sheets, will benefit from Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS Essential Training. Instructor James Williamson teaches the entire process of CSS management in Dreamweaver, following a step-by-step workflow. He covers XHTML/CSS fundamentals, and working with typography, navigation, background properties, layout, and multiple media types. This in-depth training explores the entire process of creating site-wide style sheets, from concept to deployment. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding how Dreamweaver manages CSS
  • Working with Starter Pages and Typography
  • Designing with CSS in mind
  • Separating structure from presentation
  • Controlling background properties
  • Styling tables and forms
  • Building navigation
  • Building print style sheets
  • Testing and deploying CSS


- [Voiceover] Hello, and welcome to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Essential Training. I'm James Williamson, Director of Training for Lodestone Digital, and an Adobe Certified Master Instructor. In this title, we'll discuss how working with CSS integrates into Dreamweaver's workflow, how to efficiently plan your CSS, and explore topics such as typography, styling forms and tables, creating CSS-based navigation, layout, and having some fun with styling Spry widgets, creating alternative style sheets, and exploring testing and deploying your styles site-wide.

Our finished site features rich, visual styling with a heavy use on background graphics, heavily styled navigation, styled forms that features custom orders, user interactivity. Forms that focus on accessibility, and usability. Interactive Spry Ajax widgets, and styles designed for the printed page.

I hope you're excited about getting started, and I hope you enjoy this title as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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