CINEMA 4D Essentials 3: Cameras, Animation, and Deformers

with Rob Garrott
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CINEMA 4D Essentials 3: Cameras, Animation, and Deformers
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CINEMA 4D Essentials with Rob Garrott is a graduated introduction to this complex 3D modeling, rendering, and animation program, which breaks down into installments that can be completed within 2 hours. Cameras, Animation, and Deformers focuses on the basics of animating in CINEMA 4D, including setting keyframes, moving the camera, and adding movement and interest with deformers. Rob shows how to use these tools to manipulate animations with curves, create varying depth of field and smooth shots, and create warped type and shapes.

Topics include:
  • What is a keyframe?
  • Working with the F-Curve Manager
  • Pausing an animation
  • Working with the Editor Camera vs. the camera object
  • Adding movement with a spline wrap
  • Creating custom shapes with the Melt deformer
3D + Animation


Hi! I'm Rob Garrott. Welcome to Cinema 4D Essentials Cameras Animation and Deformers. The 3D animation process is a really interesting combination of both cinematography and traditional 2D animation techniques. Understanding how your objects look through the lens and how they move through the scene in your 3D space is really important to communicating with your audience. In this course, we'll start off by introducing the idea of a keyframe, how to create them and how to make objects move through the scene. Then we'll examine the camera object and how it allows you to view your scene as well as control images elements like Depth to Field.

Finally, we'll use deformers to modify objects and create complex movements with just a few steps. Whether you're creating visual effects, character animation or motion graphics; looking through the lens while animating your objects gives you complete control over your 3D world. So let's get started with CINEMA 4D Essentials Cameras, Animations, and Deformers.

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