Character Animation: Locomotion

with George Maestri
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Character Animation: Locomotion
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Getting characters to walk is one thing; adding character to a walk is another. But it's not impossible and it's not software specific. In fact, the locomotion techniques in this course apply to any style of animation: 2D or 3D, hand-drawn or digital. The only thing you need to bring is personality. George Maestri shows how to make your character walk, run, and skip with style, and subtly move the story along.

Topics include:
  • Animating the lower and upper body, arms, and legs
  • Adding weight
  • Adjusting timing and gait
  • Starting and stopping walks
  • Adding personality
  • Animating runs and skips
3D + Animation


(xylophone music) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm George Maestri and welcome to Fundamentals of Character Animation: Locomotion. This skills course is not software specific. It actually covers the basic principles of animation that apply to all forms of animation. We're going to show you how to get your characters walking, running, and skipping though your scenes. We're gonna start off with a basic walk, and then we're gonna show you how to do a walk cycle, where a character actually walks in place.

After that, we're going to refine some basic walks to add a little bit more personality and character. We're also gonna show you how to start and stop walks from a standing position. Next, we're gonna move on to runs. We're going to animate a simple run. And then we're going to go on to a more stylized run where a character's running very quickly. And finally, we're gonna show you the basics of how to make your characters skip, which is a little bit more complex than a walk and a run.

So, let's get started with Fundamentals of Character Animation: Locomotion.

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