CINEMA 4D R15 New Features

with Rob Garrott
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CINEMA 4D R15 New Features
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With CINEMA 4D R15, MAXON has put the emphasis on important user-requested changes. Join Rob Garrott as he reviews the most exciting new features in this update, starting with faster renders with the new Global Illumination methods. Discover kerning, which comes at long last to the typography tools in C4D, giving you much more control over type. See the new Bevel and Slide tools in action—tools that will make modelers of all levels happy. And review changes to the sculpting system that allow you to project new meshes, mirror objects, and expand geometry. Plus, learn how features like the Texture Manager, Team Render, and the Camera Crane Rig will impact your workflow.

Topics include:
  • Rendering faster with ambient occlusion caching and Embree physical rendering
  • Setting up Team Render
  • Kerning type
  • Creating custom edges with the Bevel tool
  • Moving edges and points with the Slide tool
  • Using the new sculpting options
  • Organizing materials with the Texture Manager
  • Creating complex, dynamic camera moves with the Camera Crane Rig
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Rob Garrott, and welcome to CINEMA 4D R15 New Features. With version 15, MAXON continues its tradition of solid annual updates of the application and workflow. Under the hood rendering changes, like the new irradiance caching, and ambient inclusion caching, dramatically speed up the rendering process. When it?s time to render your project, the entirely new team render gives you the ability to distribute both animation and stills across multiple machines on a network. Typography designers are going to love the new kerning interface that gives control over the individual kerning pairs, and all the type attributes and all the type objects.

Modeling has gotten some much needed attention with the rewriting of the bevel and slide tools for manipulating the points, edges and polygons of your objects. The sculpting engine has been updated with important new tools like interactive flood, and mesh projection. And workflow changes, like the texture manager for keeping track of your materials, round out this great update. The essentials of Cinema 4D have not changed. It's still the old Cinema 4D that you know and love. It's just got a lot of great new features.

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