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Using My notes

- [Voiceover] As you watch courses on and come across information you want to take note of to organize and personalize your thoughts, or to pinpoint specific parts of information within a course that you find particularly useful or interesting, with's integrated note-taking tool, you can do just that. The Notebooks tool will automatically save all of your notes and associate them with specific time codes so you can easily jump back when you want to reference what you've written or revisit specific parts of a video.

Let's take a look at how this tool works. Once you've selected the course you want to watch, click on the Notebook tab. If you find great information at any point in the video that you want to take note of, just start typing in the entry box and press Enter or Return on your keyboard to save that note. A new text box will appear, saving the previous note below it. And you don't have to take notes in sequence, either. You can skip around and take notes wherever you want.

So say I want to skip to later in the video, and I find another bit of useful information. I can just start typing here. Press Enter or Return to save that note. You don't have to have the video playing while you're taking notes, but it may be really useful if you don't want to stop the video and you just want to jot something down really quickly. But I can also pause the video if I want to spend some time really well crafting a note. I can type it, and just click Enter or Return to save that note and generate a new text box.

And you can actually skip around the entire course and take notes wherever, whenever. So, say I want to jump back to the introduction video and take some notes on exactly what this course is going to cover. Now you'll see, looking at the notes, that they will automatically organize themselves based on the chapter number and title names of the video you were watching when you took that note. You can see the last note I just took is actually now at the top of the list, because even though I made that note after my previous ones, it was from the first video in the course, so it shows up as a note from the introduction.

And then it lists the chapter two notes, and so on. And if you come back to review your notes and you really want to only focus on one chapter at a time, you can toggle these arrow buttons to show and hide the contents. This is really helpful when you only want to focus on one chapter's notes at a time. And you'll see that we're still on the welcome introduction video right now in the video player, but if I'm visiting my chapter two notes and I want to jump back to that specific time to review that chapter in that moment where I took a note, all I have to do is click on this thumbnail with the time code and it will jump me to that exact moment in that exact video, so I can review right from here.

This is really cool when you want to take notes on an entire course and there are just specific bits and pieces of information that you want to review. You just scroll your notes, click on those moments, and really focus on those areas that were of most interest to you. And you can revisit them over and over again. You can even add additional information into a note after you've already taken it. Maybe you want to add some context to your original note, and you can do so just by hovering your mouse inside that note, clicking on it, and beginning to type again.

Press Enter or Return on your keyboard to save it. If for any reason you want to delete your note, click on the trash icon next to the time code to delete. Once you've finished taking notes on a course, or are finished for the time being, don't worry about saving your notes. The note-taking tool will automatically save all of your notes for you on any given course, so you can actually come back and reference them or revisit them at any time you want to. You can even log out of and your notes will still be there when you log back in.

Another really cool feature is that you also have the option to download your notes using various different methods of saving and sharing your notes. By clicking on this Export button, you can export as Microsoft Word, a PDF, a text file, or even to Google Docs or EverNote. We hope this note-taking tool will help you retain the information you find most valuable, and keep it handy for later reference whenever you need to revisit information or give yourself a quick refresher on the moments that you've highlighted from the course.

Using My notes
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Using My notes provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use

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