Sharing your playlists

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Sharing your playlists

- Once you've taken the time to create playlists, you might want to share them with other people, to show them what you've accomplished or so they can follow the same learning path that's worked for you. Or, maybe you're leading a team of coworkers and you want to provide them with a list of courses to make sure they're up to speed with the skills they need to accomplish their goals. Whatever the case, it's easy to create and share as many playlists as you like. Start by navigating to your profile, then selecting Playlists.

Select the playlist you'd like to share and click the Share checkbox. This gives you four choices of sharing your playlist. You can share it by mail, which also has the option to share a link. Or, you can share from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. To email a playlist, enter the email address of the people who you'd like to share the playlist with. If you're sending it to multiple recipients, just separate each email address with a comma.

If you want, you can edit the default message, maybe to include some personalized information, down here, about why you're sharing this particular playlist. And then, when you're done, simply click Send. Your recipients will receive an email with a link to your shared playlist. Now, you can also access the other four sharing options from this window, regardless of which button you initially clicked. So, if I want to share the link, I'll click on that, and you can copy this URL address, I'm gonna press Command C, Copy or on a PC , Ctrl C, and then I'll open up a new web browser.

And press Ctrl V or Command V in the URL bar here, press Enter and here's an example of what your recipients will see. It will be a generated URL, with your playlist in there. You can also paste it into a web page, a blog, or anywhere else you'd like to share the URL. And this is always how my recipients will see my shared playlist page. The name of the playlist will appear at the top, the description below it, and the viewers will even be able to see when you last updated the playlist, and they'll be able to copy it and save it in their own playlists.

Non-subscribers of will be able to view your playlists, but only be able to watch the sample movies in each course, that are free for non-members. Current subscribers of will have complete access to the entire library at all times. So, that's how to share a playlist by email or by copying the URL from the playlist. If you have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Or LinkedIn, you can click one of those buttons to share your playlist to those services as well.

Now, as long as you keep that Share button checked, the people you've shared your playlist with will always be able to see your playlists. If you want to stop sharing the playlist, just uncheck the Share button. Stop sharing to confirm. So now, If I create another new tab and paste that original URL back into the browser, you'll see that the playlist is no longer available.

But if I make some updates and want to share it again, and click on that Share button, going back to that new tab, re-adding the playlist in and pressing Enter, boom, there it is again. Saying when it was last updated, and all of the other information. The address for your playlist will always remain the same. So, anyone you previously shared the playlist with will still be able to access it if they bookmarked the page or saved the URL. There's no need to resend the URL if you re-share a playlist.

And that's how you share playlists, a great way to share the learning paths that have worked for you, with others.

Sharing your playlists
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Sharing your playlists provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use

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