Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion

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Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion

- Certificates of Completion make it easier than ever to share your success and progress at with your coworkers, teachers, friends, employers and to your social media networks. As you work your way through a training course, an eye icon automatically appears next to each video you've watched, making it easy to keep track of your progress. And these icons remain associated with your account, no matter how many times you've logged in or out. So you can always come back and find your place right away.

And with each course you finish, a new Certificate of Completion will appear in your account. Just go to your Profile Menu and select Certificates. Here you'll see the list of all the titles you've completed. Certificates of Completion are a great way to let your social networks, coworkers, and current and potential employers see the value and diversity of your skills. You have several ways of displaying and sharing your certificates. View/Print to see your Certificate, then click save as PDF to save it in the Adobe PDF format.

You can then print the PDF from your printer. Another option is to email your certificate. Click Share and in the window that opens click the Email tab. Enter the email address of the person to whom you like to send your certificate. If you would like to send your certificate to multiple recipients, separate their email addresses with a comma. You can type a short message in the Message Field if you like and when you're happy with the email, just click Send.

Now if you have your own website or blog, you can also link to or embed your Certificate of Completion into a webpage. Click the Link tab, copy the address under the Link to this Certificate or if you want to provide a link to a page displaying all of your certificates, copy the URL under the Link to all Certificates. Then paste that into your webpage as a link. For example, I'll open up a tab here and just past that address I copied.

And this is what the page looks like to the people with whom you've shared this address. If you have accounts with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can click on any of their icons here to login to your account and share your certificate. And you can repeat this process for each of your Certificates of Completion, just click View/Print or Share next to any of the certificates. If you'd like to see how close you are to completing other courses you've been watching, check your progress in the course history page.

Either by clicking this link or going to your course history. And here, you can see the progress bar next to each course as well as a column telling you how much time remains to be watched in each course. Click the column headers if you would like to sort your courses by progress or remaining time. So keep watching videos at and start earning those Certificates of Completion.

Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion
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Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use

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