Installing Windows 8 in VMware Fusion

with Doug Winnie
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Installing Windows 8 in VMware Fusion
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VMware Fusion allows you to run many different operating systems on your Mac, but Windows is the most popular among IT professionals and power users alike. In this short course, Doug Winnie introduces two methods for installing Windows 8 successfully in VMware Fusion: Easy Install and an advanced option that gives you more control over your virtual machine.

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(instrumental intro) - [Voiceover] Greetings, I'm Doug Winnie, and I'm gonna take you through how to get Windows 8 set up in VMWare Fusion. VMWare Fusion allows people to run all kinds of operating systems on their Mac, including Windows, Linux, legacy operating systems like DOS, and even another copy of OS 10. In this course, I'll show you what you need to complete a successful installation. First, we'll use the easy install method that allows VMWare to more or less complete the installation for you. Then we'll use the advanced install, that will give you more control over the options of your virtual machine.

So let's go ahead and jump in, and get started.

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