Discovering Your Strengths

with Dave Crenshaw
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Discovering Your Strengths
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Join author and business coach Dave Crenshaw as he demonstrates ways to discover what you're truly best at doing and how to leverage those strengths and abilities in your professional life. This course reveals how to uncover your strengths and talents, match them to job responsibilities, and develop a path to apply those strengths at work. Set yourself up for continued success with self-assessments and the ability to invest in yourself and make continual improvements as your career grows.

This course is one of a series of five Dave Crenshaw courses based on his Invaluable teaching methodology for professional development.

Topics include:
  • Identifying gifts, loves, and skills
  • Assessing personal performance
  • Applying your strengths and talents at work
  • Making continual improvements that impact your career


Are you in the right career? Are you just meant to do what you're doing? Your answer to these questions, how well your strengths and abilities match your day-to-day work will have a big impact on your quality of life. In my book, Invaluable, I explored how to help individuals increase the value of their time and quality of work life, in other words, how to become invaluable. This course, Discovering Your Strengths, is part of a five-course series on helping you become invaluable and get the most from your career.

In my coaching, the first factor in becoming invaluable is unlocking your abilities, which is essentially discovering your strengths, so you can harness them. The invaluable factor of ability is pretty simple, it represents how well you do what you do or how much value you actually provide to the company or the customers that you work with. When you started in your current position, you brought a certain skill level that allowed you to get the job. However, getting a job does not make you invaluable.

You also need to increase your overall capacity to provide real tangible value when you work. In simple terms, ability is a measurement of how well you are exceeding your boss' or customer's expectations. While there are many ways to discover your strengths, this course will focus on the path of improvement that will give you the most benefit for the least effort. First, we are going to help you figure out what your talents are. We will take you through a process of understanding what you just naturally excel at doing.

When you put your efforts into the things that you already do well, you will actually get greater benefit than wasting a lot of energy on the things that aren't your strengths. In fact, one of the characteristics of highly successful people is that they have learned to build on their strengths, not try to improve on their weaknesses. After we have helped you discover your talents, then we will work on matching the job responsibilities that you have or would like to have to those talents.

In today's competitive market, it is important to continually improve and move forward. We will help you put together an action plan to do that. So, let's begin the process of discovering your strengths.

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Q: This course was updated on 01/03/2012. What changed?
A: This course was retitled, streamlined, and refined throughout, resulting in a slightly shorter runtime. We also added new graphics and a new welcome movie. 
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