Creating and managing your playlists

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Creating and managing your playlists

- [Voiceover] As you browse through, you'll probably come across tons of courses you'd like to watch. You can easily keep track of the ones that interest you by adding them to playlists, which let you save and organize the courses you want to watch in the categories and lists that make sense to you. You can also share your playlists with others, which I'll go over a little later in this training. Please keep in mind, based on the type of membership you have with, your view of the playlists may have more functionalities than you see here.

In this video, we'll just be going over the basic functionalities of adding courses to playlists, creating new playlists, and organizing your personal playlists. To get started adding content to your playlists, navigate to your profile menu and select Playlists. This is the page where you will manage your playlists. Your first playlist will always be the one called My Playlist, and this is your default playlist. You cannot delete this playlist, but you're also free to create others to organize and arrange the content you'd like to watch in any way you want.

To start, click Create New Playlist, and give your list a name. I'll call this one Home Office because I want to create a playlist of content to watch for working in my own personal home office. Adding a description is optional, so I'll just click Save for now, and now I see I have Home Office listed under my playlists, and because it's brand new, it has zero courses, indicated by the little zero number in parentheses right to the right of the title.

So there are a few different ways you can start adding content into your playlists. For this particular playlist, I know I saw a topic area in the Business library called Home and Small Office. I'm gonna search for content here, and when I find something I want to add to my playlist, I'll click on this little plus button, and this will drop down a menu with your playlists. Here's my Home Office playlist, so I'll click on this one, and you'll see the little yellow and green check marks have appeared, indicating that this course has been added to my playlist.

To continue adding content into this list, click on any one of these plus signs you see anywhere on the site. When you're done adding content, you can go back to viewing your playlist page by selecting View All Playlists. Now, back here on my Playlists page you'll see the little number three next to my Home Office playlist title, indicating I've added three courses. I can organize the placement of the content in this playlist by dragging each course up or down. I can also move a title to the top of the list by clicking on this Move to Top arrow.

And if for any reason you'd like to remove an item from your playlist, you can do so by clicking on this little X under the Remove column. And if you'd like to delete the entire playlist, just select Delete Playlist down here at the bottom. Let's go back to the User Home page for a moment. Now that we have a playlist, it will appear in its own pod here. As you browse other content and come across something you want to add to a new playlist, you can easily do that too by clicking on the Playlists button and selecting Add to a New Playlist.

Again, title your new playlist, add a description if you like, click Save to confirm, and again, indicated by these check marks, you'll see that that course has been added to your new playlist. Let's go back to the Playlists page, and here you can rearrange the order of your playlists by selecting the title and moving it around. You can also see how far you've progressed in any of these courses. I've currently watched 0% of these courses because I just added them into my playlist.

And you can also see the duration over here of how much time you have remaining to successfully complete watching this course. So those are the basic functions of creating and organizing your playlists.

Creating and managing your playlists
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Creating and managing your playlists provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use

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