Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you

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Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you

- [Voiceover] Let's take a look at the bookmarking feature. As a member, you can use the bookmarks feature to mark any individual videos within a course, so you can easily find them again later. Let's start with a look at how bookmarks work. While logged in to your account, you can roll your mouse over your profile menu, and select Bookmarks. Here, we can see the bookmarks that I've previously created. You'll see each bookmark has the video title, the chapter title, the course name, and the author name.

Clicking on the video title will take you to that course's homepage and will automatically load up the video that you've bookmarked. Going back to the Bookmarks page, clicking on the course title will take you to that course's homepage, but will take you to the top of the contents list, starting with the first video in that course. Going back to the Bookmarks page again, clicking on the author's name will take you to that author's page.

Now, let's take a look at how we can create bookmarks. Starting with going to your home profile page and choosing some content to watch. As you scroll down the table of contents here, you'll notice these bookmark icons next to each video title. So, as you're watching videos, and you come across one that you want to remember and keep track of, so you can quickly come back to it whenever you want, just click the Bookmark icon next to that video title. Notice, the icon fills in white if you're currently watching that video.

If you bookmark other videos, like the ones you haven't watched yet, the bookmark will fill in blue. This makes it easy to see which items you've already marked. So, adding bookmarks is pretty simple. It's as easy as clicking the icon next to the video title, but when browsing through your bookmarks later, you might not remember why you bookmarked a particular video. So, you can add details to your bookmarks and edit them, and we can do so by going back up to our profile and selecting Bookmarks.

Here, from the Bookmarks page, you have the option to edit your bookmarks. Now, currently the name field auto-fills in with the title of the video that was bookmarked. You can either leave it that way or you can change it to something that will better help you remember why you were bookmarking the video. I'm just going to leave it as the title for now. You also have the option to fill out the description field. You might enter something like Has great tips for personal branding.

You can use up to 300 characters in this description field. We also suggest that you add tags to your bookmarks, which will help you categorize and locate your bookmarked videos later. You can create your own tags with each tag separated by a space. For instance, I'll type Media space Social space and if you're entering a tag that contains more than one word, just contain it in quotes, such as getting started end quote.

Then click Update when you're done. You'll see the description and the tags have appeared and are now associated with that bookmark. Clicking on any tag will display all the bookmarks that share that tag. You can continue filtering your results here by clicking additional tags or you can remove that tag by clicking on the minus sign. You can also see all of your tags by clicking see all of tags, which will take you to this alphabetical list of all of your tags.

If you have a large number of tags, you can use the letters here up at the top to navigate to a specific letter. To return to all of your bookmarks, just click Return to My Bookmarks. You can also use the search field up here at the top to locate a specific bookmark, by typing any information that's related to it. I'll select Documents and select Search. Your results will display any names, descriptions, or tags that contain the search term you typed.

Finally, to remove a bookmark that's no longer needed, or that you may have accidentally created, just click Delete next to the Edit option, and Yes, Delete to confirm. Just remember, that deleting bookmarks cannot be undone. So, be sure you really want to delete them before you do so. That's how to create and edit video bookmarks. A great feature for sorting and organizing the important information you learn and want to keep track of while watching our content.

Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you
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Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use

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