Conflict Resolution Fundamentals

with Lisa Gates
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Conflict Resolution Fundamentals
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Improve your relationships with your coworkers, clients, and managers and find your way through conflict back to cooperation. In this course, negotiation consultant Lisa Gates shares the secrets of effective conflict resolution and reveals simple, repeatable techniques that apply in most business situations. She'll present a six-step framework for exploring and navigating conflict resolution, including identifying the issue, separating the people from the problem, overcoming roadblocks to resolution, exploring cultural differences, and getting to agreement.

Topics include:
  • Understanding how conflicts arise
  • Navigating cognitive bias
  • Exploring the principles of influence
  • Building trust
  • Reframing the argument
  • Brainstorming solutions
  • Working with difficult people


- Hi, my name is Lisa Gates. And welcome to Conflict Resolution Fundamentals. So conflict, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves in the middle of challenging situations and relationships almost everyday. Our success in the workplace hinges on the quality of our relationships and our ability to find collaborative solutions to those challenges. With the right set of practices and skills for resolving conflict, you can repair or preserve your relationships, not only at work, but everywhere.

In my coaching and consulting practice, I help people navigate all kinds of conflict; internal conflicts about their career choices and challenges with asking for raises and promotions or external conflicts with, say, difficult people and managing workability in teams. In these one-on-one conversations, I, too, run the risk of creating conflict when I have to challenge their patterns and beliefs and the choices they make as a result. During this course I'll show you some of the best practices I use, a simple, repeatable process for finding your way through conflict and back to cooperation.

I'll start by providing an overview of the social psychology of conflict to expand your awareness about how our perceptions and behaviors influence our everyday interactions. We'll then dive in to the roadmap to resolution, a six-part exploration of the best practices and skills aimed at expanding your capacity to handle difficult situations. To bring the course to life, I'll be using example scenarios with Heather, a senior manager, and Jack, one of her team members.

Along the way, I'll be giving you additional resources and exercises to help you deepen the practices and make them personally relevant and specific. So, congratulations on taking this incredibly important step in increasing your value in the workplace and the world.

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