Video SEO Basics

with Ian Lurie
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Video SEO Basics
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How do you attract more traffic to your videos when Google can't search them? SEO expert Ian Lurie shows how to optimize your YouTube and other video listings for search engines and convert that traffic to achieve your business goals. This course provides an overview of video SEO and helps you understand video ranking factors, add important metadata like keywords and tags, market your video on social media, and build a video landing page.

Topics include:
  • What is video SEO?
  • Debunking video-ranking myths
  • Picking a video hosting service
  • Researching topics and keywords
  • Choosing the right title and descriptions
  • Facilitating viewer comments and ratings
  • Using social media to announce videos
  • Creating an optimized playlist and channel
  • Analyzing your success
Video Web Marketing


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Ian Lurie, and this is Video SEO Basics. Business owners and marketers have a huge opportunity with Video SEO, because of the way search engines blend video into the rankings. In this course, we'll explore where videos appear in the search results. Then, I'll show you known video ranking factors. We'll spend the rest of the hour reviewing specific tips for improving your video rankings. Let's get started with Video SEO Basics.

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