Typing Fundamentals

with Anson Alexander
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Typing Fundamentals
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Stop the time-consuming hunting and pecking at the keyboard and learn how to type properly. In this course, you'll discover the advantages of knowing how to type, find out where your fingers should be positioned and which finger to use on each key, practice your positioning, and learn how to type for speed and accuracy. Instructor Anson Alexander will also show how to use a numeric keypad properly and measure your success, and our unique visuals allow you to see his fingers at work. Start now and learn to type your way to clearer, quicker communications, and use the course's game-like, interactive exercise file to practice each typing lesson and gauge your improvement.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the importance of typing ergonomics
  • Measuring your typing speed and accuracy
  • Managing your habits
  • Learning the home row keys
  • Locating letter, number, and math keys
  • Using modifier keys: Shift, Alt, Control, etc.
  • Using the numeric keypad effectively


(soft music) - Hi, I'm Anson and welcome to Typing Fundamentals. In this course, I'll go over the basics of typing so you can improve your typing speed and overall computing efficiency. First, we'll go over the benefits of learning how to type properly and the importance of ergonomic typing. Then, we'll look at which fingers are used to type each key on a standard keyboard. Finally, I'll show you how to properly use a numeric keypad for quicker work in financial documents.

Whether you're just learning to type for the first time or if you've already been typing and want to improve your skills, this is the course for you. Let's get started with Typing Fundamentals.

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