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Sales Skills Fundamentals
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In this course, author Christopher Matthew Spencer shares his techniques for effective sales. Because a sale starts with finely honed communication skills, the course begins with communication and listening skills, and then explores the application of sales traits in everyday life—an ideal primer for making deals in business settings.

This course also covers the basics of connecting with prospective clients, making convincing presentations, understanding and maximizing the sales cycle, measuring sales abilities, and practicing sales skills in role-playing scenarios.

Topics include:
  • Becoming acclimated to selling
  • Understanding common sales terminology
  • Honing communication skills
  • Conveying passion and thoughts
  • Listening actively
  • Winning the confidence of others
  • Asking for referrals
  • Making cold calls
  • Setting realistic sales targets and achieving them
  • Keeping good sales records


- Welcome to Sales Skills Fundamentals. My name is Christopher Matthew Spencer. I'd like to help you find the powerful salesperson inside you. I approach sales through honest communication and building relationships. In this course, I'll be covering communication and listening skills to help you convey information clearly and effectively. We'll be exploring, prospecting, and qualifying leads so that they'll convert into paying customers. Then I'll go over the process of completing the sales cycle once you receive a commitment from your buyer.

Finally, I'll be discussing, measuring, and assessing your progress. After reviewing these topics, I'll demonstrate by role playing with a friend of mine, so that you can see how I approach the sales process in both cold calling and face to face sales. I've had tremendous successes, and I've also made all the mistakes you could imagine in my sales career. I'm here to help you avoid those mistakes. So please join me for Sales Skills Fundamentals.

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