Preparing for Your Review

with Todd Dewett
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Preparing for Your Review
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Love it or hate it, your review is the best record of your performance. Careful preparation can ensure you articulate your needs, have examples of your best work ready, and anticipate and answer questions your boss might ask. Discover how to prepare for your review and make it a productive conversation. Todd Dewett shares three simple steps for success.



- Whether you love it or hate it, the performance review is tremendously important to your career. Your yearly, or bi-yearly, evaluation is the single biggest part of your personnel file, and, fair or not, it's the go-to record people use when making decisions about you inside the company. That's why you have to dedicate yourself to nailing it. Your performance is over, and it's about to be graded. You can't go back and change how you performed, but you can be thoughtful about how best to represent your work.

And it's worth your time. The quality of your preparation will have a strong effect on how you're evaluated. In this short course, I want to break this down and give you a plan that will help you make your preparation successful. I'll talk about understanding the review schedule, using your calendar, preparing your evaluation, finding and sharing samples of your work, and preparing for the actual performance review meeting. Nailing your review doesn't have to be difficult.

Follow these steps we'll discuss and you'll walk in that room prepared to be effective.

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