Onboarding New Hires

with Todd Dewett
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Onboarding New Hires
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You've completed the process of recruiting and hiring and are looking forward to your new employee's first day. Now what? In this course, discover how you can effectively integrate new hires into your team and set them up for success in working with you, their colleagues, and the company at large. Learn about the prep work you need to do before Day 1 and how to make the first day, week, month, three months, and year successful experiences. Todd Dewett will help you make your new hires feel welcome, informed, and ready to contribute.

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(xylophone music) - One of the most enjoyable and important processes you'll ever be involved with is the employee onboarding process. You've completed recruiting, selection, and hiring, now what? Well, now you begin the onboarding process, sometimes referred to as organizational socialization. That refers to a series of activities designed to help the new employee gain the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and connections needed to become an effective member of the organization.

To make sure your new colleague really hits the ground running there's a good bit of homework to do. I'll talk about the different types of information they need to receive long before their first day of work, including work rules and policies, information about benefits, and so on. I'll also address many of the tasks you'll want to complete internally before they arrive, such as setting up their work space, computer, and phone. Eventually they'll arrive to start the new job, and when they do I'll help you structure things to ensure their success.

The employee's first few days and weeks with the new team is a special and fun time. How they perceive and judge these initial experiences will heavily influence how they view the remainder of their tenure with the organization. Start watching right now to ensure that you make the onboarding process one that helps the employee feel welcome, informed, and ready to make a contribution.

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