Managing Your Manager

with Todd Dewett
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Managing Your Manager
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In this course, author, keynote speaker, and coach Dr. Todd Dewett shows how to manage your reputation and one of your most important work relationships: your rapport with your boss. Discover how to understand your manager's world, preferences, and lingo; support your boss's goals; be a help rather than a hindrance; and lead by offering solutions. Plus, learn how to manage particularly difficult types of bosses, such as the boss who's never available, the mean boss, or the boss who acts better than everyone else.

Topics include:
  • Learning your manager's world
  • Understanding your manager's motivations and expectations
  • Helping your manager make decisions
  • Responding to feedback
  • Documenting issues
  • Working with new, remote, or inappropriate managers


- Too often, leaders think that all of their time and attention should be focused downward on their team. The folks who directly report to them. That's understandable, but you have to carve out a nice minority of your time to manage in the other direction. You have to think about how to proactively manage your manager. Managing up is about helping them while while also making sure to help yourself. In this course, we'll break down this process into easy to follow steps that will ensure you know how to build a seriously productive relationship with your boss.

We'll start with understanding your boss' world and great tips on how to communicate with them effectively. We'll address how to help them while also promoting your achievements and aspirations. We'll even spend time talking about different types of sometimes difficult bosses, and how to manage them too. Your great accomplishments are what matters most when you think about how to advance your career. But you know what? People are busy and systems are imperfect, which means you have to take the extra steps to make sure the boss keeps you in the front of their mind.

There are some well known ways to do this that are definitely within your reach. So let's get started.

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