Managing Teams

with Todd Dewett
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Managing Teams
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Group dynamics impact productivity and employee satisfaction, so it's important for managers to cultivate positive relationships among coworkers. Join Todd Dewett as he explains how to effectively manage teams. This course covers motivating your team, managing team performance, establishing your identity and authority within a group, addressing conflict, and making work fun. Full of practical tips and useful strategies, this course is a great reference for first-time managers and for more experienced managers who may need to address a specific issue with their team.

Topics include:
  • Building initial rapport
  • Signaling fairness and integrity
  • Communicating proactively
  • Facilitating efficient meetings
  • Using your authority effectively
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- Many issues you've never really thought about before. I mean, how do you rally maximize what your team is capable of. Good news! Fine tuning a team is a skill you can learn. With a little patience and a lot of effort you can learn to master these skills so that you're always building effective teams. I'll start by helping you understand key elements of employee motivation. This includes aspects of goal setting, as well as, the proper use of recognition and rewards. We'll cover topics including the employee evaluation process, as well as, managing under preforming employees.

We'll address several methods for building and developing the talent on your team, covering everything from training to coaching. And a little special attention will be given to your best employees, the ones we call high potentials. I'm also going to walk you through what it means to successfully mediate conflict, as well as create need positive conflict at work. Real change requires difficult conversations and you can learn to lead those effectively. I'm going to challenge you to find the best elements of your team and leverage them.

While at the same time, productively confronting areas that need improvement. When you've completed this course use these tips to help push your team to new levels of performance.

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