Leading with Stories

with Paul A. Smith
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Leading with Stories
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Stories can make the messages of any leader more memorable, contagious, and enduring. In turn, learning the art of storytelling can make you a better leader. In this short course, author and corporate storytelling coach Paul Smith walks you through the elements of a compelling story. Learn about the common story structures, power of emotion, importance of surprise, appeal of analogies and metaphors, and value of keeping it real.



- Storytelling is the oldest form of communication known to man, yet it's surprisingly underutilized in the business world today. And when it is used, it is often done poorly. And maybe that shouldn't be too surprising. There's something about storytelling, a misconception, that people think that it's something you're born with, or you'll never be any good at. And that's just not the case. Storytelling can be learned and that's what I'm here to help you do. I've interviewed hundreds of CEOs and executives at companies all over the world to find out what kind of stories are they telling, and when are they telling them, and how do they craft those stories, and very importantly, are they effective or not? I have heard amazing, life-changing stories, and I've suffered through some pretty painful and worthless ones.

There is a pattern to good business storytelling, and that's what I intend to teach you. Specifically we'll start with: why you should be telling stories; we'll move to when you should tell stories, and when not to, but mostly we're going to focus on how: what's the structure of a well-told business story? How do you get emotional elements into it? And the element of surprise. Can I leverage metaphors and analogies? And how do I make sure my story is real and tangible and concrete? If you do those things, you'll be well on your way to being a great business storyteller.

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