Leading a Customer-Centric Culture

with Jeff Toister
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Leading a Customer-Centric Culture
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What do great companies have in common? Great customer service. Discover how to chart your team on a course that focuses on the customer, with three no-nonsense tips. Jeff Toister discusses how to set a direction, create mile markers, and course correct when things get off track.


Cultivating a customer-focused culture

(chimes) - So what do great companies all have in common? One thing is a customer focused culture. If you ask companies, most would say, "We do pretty good with customer service." But you and I are customers, we know the truth. Some are good, some are poor, and only a few are really excellent. What sets those outstanding companies apart? What do they all have in common? The biggest thing is they have a customer focused culture.

That means that they live and breathe customer service. Everybody, from the CEO down to the frontline employees, has the same understanding of what outstanding service should look like and what we're going to to do provide it. Now, it might be tempting to just take a look at one of the great companies and copy their culture. There's certainly a lot of information out there. There's books, magazine articles, speeches about what makes particular companies great, but the magic happens when you create your own customer focused culture.

In this course, I want to share with you the three essential elements that will help get you there. If you can incorporate these three elements into your company, you too can have a customer focused culture.

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