Job Search Strategies

with Valerie Sutton
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Job Search Strategies
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In this course, author Valerie Sutton shares the latest techniques to find jobs efficiently and effectively. This course teaches you how to develop your profile and brand, seek advertised and unadvertised positions, network successfully to broaden your circle, and work with recruiting professionals. Valerie includes strategies for both the online and offline worlds.

Along the way, discover smart strategies to match your interests with your search and manage your time in order to maximize results.

Topics include:
  • Valerie's top five job search tips
  • Determining which online job boards to use
  • Posting your resume online
  • Maximizing the impact of your profile
  • Improving your visibility with a blog, workshop, or conferences
  • Leveraging your network
  • Establishing relationships with recruiters


- If you're like many people, you're frustrated with searching for jobs. Looking for a new job can be confusing, overwhelming, and a lot of work. In this course I'll show you ways to make the process easier and give you techniques to make your job search more effective. I'll start by demonstrating tools to manage the job search and stay on track. I'll then show you how to make use of online technology to identify opportunities, gain efficiency, and visibility. Next, I'll guide you through leveraging your networks and social media tools so that when you are ready for the next move, your network will be ready to help you.

Finally, I'll discuss how to establish and maintain working relationships with the best job recruiters in your focused area. So let's get started with Job Search Strategies.

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