Insights from an Online Marketer

with Lorrie Thomas Ross
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Insights from an Online Marketer
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Make the most of your marketing with tips and tricks from marketing thought leader Lorrie Thomas Ross. An author, speaker, and CEO of her own online marketing agency, Lorrie shares candid advice from her years of developing successful online marketing campaigns, and explains how to personalize your brand while finding new customers and clients. This course, another in our Insights series of interviews with industry thought leaders, covers vital considerations, such as building your brand, working within the confines of a small budget, tackling social media, and knowing when to hire a consultant to conduct your online marketing.

Topics include:
  • What is online marketing?
  • Encouraging online conversations about your business and products
  • Reacting to requests such as "make a viral video…now"
  • Selling a story
  • Finding success through blogging
  • Keeping up with the latest marketing trends
  • Starting a career in online marketing

What is online marketing?

- Hi, I'm Jeff Layton and I'm here at studios and I'm sitting down with author Lorrie Thomas Ross. And today we're gonna have a conversation about online marketing. So, tell us a little bit about online marketing. - Online marketing is an umbrella term. It's all encompassing. Everything from the website itself, which sometimes marketers forget that that is the nucleus of their online marketing. Search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising, email, blogs... Everything.

- So, using blogs, social media, it sounds a lot like it's about relationships. Is that key to online marketing? - Absolutely. So, when you're using these tools, and it's not the tools, it's how we use the tools to build relationships. We want to be using tools in a way to build awareness, to educate our customers, to serve them, customer service is one of the biggest pieces of the marketing puzzle. To support sales, and ultimately to connect. And we do that through communications and understanding.

- That sounds very business oriented. Is there, an aspect of it that's also personal? And connecting? Because that seems very focused on the business goal. - Sure, so let's look at online marketing as all of these different vehicles, if you will, to help build your business. And the way that we can be distinct with marketing is to be human, to have that personality. Whether we're a large corporation and we're being human through videos, or content that way.

Or if we're a smaller business and we're being more approachable by just being real. I mean, even things like the "about" page of your website can talk about your hobbies. You know, it can have your credentials, where you went to school, if that's applicable to connecting with your customers. Down at the end, I think on my website I say something like I, you know, have a husband and a daughter. And I live with my grumpy old cat. I mean, I have something. And I can't tell you how many people comment on that. And it's not necessarily my education or anything. It's that last little personal touch.

And that's how we connect. And relationships is all about building connections. And how do we build sales? Through connections.

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