Insights from a College Career Coach

with Valerie Sutton
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Insights from a College Career Coach
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Are you feeling stuck in your current position, seeking a new one, or contemplating a career change? In this interview, author and career coach Valerie Sutton answers common questions about career development. For those thinking about a new career, she offers advice on assessing your passions and your personality, knowing when you need more education to get the job you want, and researching hiring trends in the industries that interest you. For those actively searching for jobs or getting back into the job market after an absence, she discusses how to write resumes and cover letters that speak to your talents, impress potential employers, and help you land an interview.

Topics include:
  • Making a career change and assessing hiring trends
  • Using a gap analysis to fill holes in your resume
  • Tailoring your resume
  • Evaluating postings on job boards
  • Maintaining an online presence
  • Having a portfolio
  • Increasing your visibility with recruiters
  • Moving up in your career

Choosing between a career coach or a career counselor

- Hi, I'm Jeff Layton and I'm here in Studios with Valerie Sutton. And today we're gonna have a conversation about coaching people's careers. Thank you for joining me. - Thanks for having me Jeff. - So you're currently the Director of Career Services at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Can you tell us a little bit about that? What you do? - Yeah, so I work with a variety of students from anywhere with early career to mid career level students, and I help them make the transition to their next career. That can mean anything from career decision making to the really practical job search side of things, so resumes, cover letters, interviewing, salary negotiations.

And then I also work with connecting them to employers. So we do a lot of events on campus where we bring employers on and they can talk to them. - Can you tell us a little bit about the difference between a career coach and a career counselor? - Yeah, absolutely. So when you're looking at coaching, it's about moving someone forward, it's not as reflective as counseling. So if you look at the difference, it may be just a situation where I know where I wanna go, but I'm just not sure what are the steps to get there, and that's where I would use a coach.

But if you're looking at counseling, that's a bit more of a reflective practice. So it may be that you're very unhappy in your current career, but you're not quite sure why you're unhappy, and so you wanna reflect a little more on that process, and that's where I would look for a career counselor.

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