Insights from a Business Analyst

with Haydn Thomas
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Insights from a Business Analyst
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Explore the career of business analysis, in this interview-style course with experienced analyst Haydn Thomas. Learn how business analysis fits in with project and change management and how business analysis works on large projects. Then find out what traits a business analyst must possess and the role of an analyst within an organization.


About Haydn

(light music) - My name's Haydn Thomas. I've been a project professional for over 20 years and these days I actually travel the world educating, consulting, and keynoting conferences and sharing my passion and knowledge around organizations and how they can do things better. I first started out as a business analyst when I was working at a bank many years ago. And we started working out how we could do things better through continuous improvement. And what I found was that that is a value that resonated with me.

It's a bit strange, I even do breakfast with my children and I'm constantly assessing how I could do things better. I put the toast in, put the kettle on, while I'm doing that, I'm getting the milk and the cereal and all those type of things. So I'm constantly trying to work out how I can do things more efficiently and how it will actually achieve the result and outcome in a timely fashion. So yeah it's a way of thinking, but more importantly it's a way that I love sharing that knowledge with other people and making sure that they understand the context around what this all means.

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