Defining work culture preferences

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Defining work culture preferences

The work culture of an organization is the reason why most people love their jobs. It's also why many people are dissatisfied with their work and oftentimes why they contemplate leaving a particular job. Understanding your preferences when it comes to work culture is one of the most important sections of creating a career profile. Work culture is the collective behaviors and beliefs of an organization. The culture often influences how fulfilled you are from your job.

I recommend that you consider five criteria when thinking about work culture. The interaction with people, the control you have over your work, the mission of the organization, the sense of identity the organization gives you, and the structure of the organization. I'll discuss these five criteria in more depth, but we've also provided some work culture questions in the career development guide to help you determine the best culture for you. First, I would like you to think about the people you ideally would be interacting with at work. These will be your coworkers and/or customers.

These are people that you're going to be spending a lot of time with so you'll want to have a good understanding of how you want to fit in. Second. Consider the control or independence you would like to have over your work. You may want someone providing guidance or direction to you or you may prefer to work more independently. Take a moment to answer the questions above control. Third. Think about the mission of the organization. How important is it for your personal values to match up with the products, services, and values of the potential employer? Four.

Think about the sense of identity an organization may provide you. Many people derive self-esteem from there organization or their company's reputation. For example, being associated with a prestigious well-recognized organization may be something important to you or perhaps you would prefer to be associated with an unknown startup where you can help shape the company's identity. Finally, look at the structure of the organization and the importance to your career growth. It may be that you prefer a larger well-organized institution with a clear established hierarchy or it may be you prefer a smaller, less organized company with more of an entrepreneurial spirit.

Once you have answered all the questions about your ideal work culture you'll next want to prioritize them. Review the worksheet and decide which of the factors that you would like to include in your work culture. Circle these. The next step is to prioritize your answers. For each circle factor place a number representing its importance to you with one being the most important, two being the second most important, and so forth. Once you've completed the worksheet you should have a better idea of the work culture that's best suited for you.

Defining work culture preferences
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Defining work culture preferences provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Valerie Sutton as part of the Managing Your Career

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