Define and Leverage Your Professional Talents for Success

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Defining talent

One of the wonderful things about living in today's world is that we have almost limitless opportunities. There are so many things that we can do, especially when it comes to our careers. Although some people have limited options, most of us have choices in how we spend our time and efforts in building our value. This great blessing can also be a curse though. While some people seem to know instinctively the best areas to focus their energy and attention, my experience is that most of us struggle with knowing what we really do best.

As a result we spend a lot of time and energy jumping from career path to career path. Personally, it's something that I did for quite a while. I jumped from career to career to career for many years, until I finally understood who I was, and focused on my talents. When I use the word talent, I have a very specific definition. A talent, as I'm going to use it in this course, is made up of three things: gifts, plus love, plus skills.

Your gifts are the things that you were born with that have come naturally to you from the beginning. These are usually areas where you do better than other people, or have always seemed effortless to you. Every person has at least one or two gifts, and some have many. The next is love, meaning something that you're passionate about doing. Some people have a great gift, but don't necessarily love that gift. They maybe really good at math, but they hate doing math.

So the love part of a talent is considering what you enjoy doing with your time. When you work, does it seem like the time just flies by because you enjoy it, or is it a slow drag? And finally, skills. Skills represent the knowledge and capability that you've acquired over time. Skills can come from education, mentorship, or on the job training. When you combine gifts, plus love, plus skills, you have a talent.

Take a moment, and think of one person you know who is highly talented; who is successful in their career. Most likely they have a natural gift for what they do, they love doing that work, and they have also worked hard and studied to improve their skills over time. This talent is a big part of what has enabled them to become invaluable. I'm going to walk you through the process of discovering your gifts, your loves, and the skills that you've acquired, and putting them all together so that you can focus on your talents.

Defining talent
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Defining talent provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Dave Crenshaw as part of the Discovering Your Strengths

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