Creating an Effective Resume

with Mariann Siegert
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Creating an Effective Resume
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In Creating an Effective Resume, author Mariann Siegert provides step-by-step guidance on creating resumes that highlight accomplishments and specifically target a potential employer's needs. The course covers how to build a resume that encompasses action statements, keywords, styling, and effective content, while addressing common stumbling blocks such as handling employment gaps and career changes. Framing the resume as a vital component of a personalized marketing campaign, Mariann shows how to conduct employer research and utilize keyword optimization techniques to increase a resume's potential of being found by employers and recruiters on resume banks and job sites. Also included are tips on writing cover letters and thank-you notes. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Determining the appropriate resume length
  • Choosing the best layout
  • Identifying and incorporating essential keywords
  • Tips from recruiters
  • Showcasing achievements and job duties using P.A.R. statements
  • Evaluating resume banks
  • Saving to different file formats
  • Compiling references, cover letters, and thank-you notes


- Hi, I'm Mariann Siegert, and welcome to creating an effective resume. In this course, I'll cover techniques for building your marketing campaign by creating of resume that will catch the eye of a potential employer by showcasing your experience and skills in the most effective way. We'll start by laying the ground work of building your resume. We'll examine best practices for getting your resume online including, how to find essential keywords which will make your resume standout in search engines leading recruiters and potential employers right to you.

We'll clear up some of the most common questions job seekers have. Such as, the idea of resume length and how to feel in employment gaps. We'll identify the most popular resume layouts to help you decide which format you should use to build your resume. We'll complete your marketing campaign by taking a look at how to create a cover letter, references, and thank you notes. I'm really excited to share these techniques for resume building with you.

So, lets begin formulating and developing your marketing campaign by creating an effective resume.

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